Heco Aurora 700 Ebony Black, garso kolonėlės

Gamintojas: Heco
Prekės kodas: AS0988
Įsigijimo galimybė: Klausti
Mato vnt.: pora

Heco Aurora 700 Ebony Black, garso kolonėlės

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Trijų juostų garso kolonėlės.
Garsiakalbiai - ž.d. su 2x17cm popierinėm membranom, v.d. su 17cm popierine membrana ir a.d. su 28mm šilkine membrana.
25Hz-42kHz, 92dB; (4-8)om.; rekomenduojama stiprintuvo galia (30-200)W/RMS, 300W/Max; 22mm MDF korpusas; bi-wiring;
Matmenys: H1100xW195xD325.
Svoris: 20kg.
Korpuso spalva: Ebony Black/Silk-Matt Lacquer Black su juodom magnetinėm grotelėm.

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Despite its slender dimensions, the Aurora 700 3-way bass reflex speaker with its double bass configuration is capable of generating an explosive acoustic performance. The Aurora 700 features bass and midrange drivers with particularly lightweight HECO kraft paper cones, which have been optimized to ensure a distortion-free performance, a newly developed Fluktus tweeter, which features a 28 mm silk compound dome, and a computer-optimized multi-wave front panel, which ensures perfect dispersion properties. It utilizes all of these components to achieve a sound pressure rating of 92 dB, meaning that it doesn´t fall far short of the flagship model, namely the Aurora 1000. Modern wood decor is combined with an "ebony black" or "ivory white" high-quality silk matte lacquer finish that is applied to the top and front of the speaker. Together with its magnetically mounted front grille, the Aurora 700 creates a look that is very modern yet timelessly elegant at the same time.

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