Teac TN-400BT White, plokštelių grotuvas

Teac TN-400BT White, plokštelių grotuvas

Gamintojas: TEAC
Prekės kodas: N11229
Įsigijimo galimybė: Klausti
Mato vnt.: vnt.
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Teac TN-400BT White, plokštelių grotuvas

Plokštelių grotuvas su rankiniu Tonearm'u, Audio-Technica AT95E MM tipo galvute, integruotu Phono korektorium (JRC8080 operacinis stiprintuvas), USB jungtim ir Bluetooth aptX wireless audio streaming'u į Bluetooth ausines ar aktyvias kolonėles.

Patefono savybės:

nerezonuojantis lieto aliuminio diskas su veltinio kilimėliu ir dirželio pavara; S formos 8.8" ilgio Tonearm'as; tolygus sulėtintas Tonearm’o nusileidimas; 33 ir 45 greičiai; nuimamas aliuminio Headshell'as; reguliuojamas galvutės prispaudimo svoris ir Anti-Skating'as; faneruotas MDF korpusas; gumuotos aliuminio kojelės; apsauginis dangtis; nevibruojantis didelio sukimo momento DC variklis; nerūdyjančio plieno ašis su bronzine įvore.
Jungtys: USB Type B skaitmeninis ir RCA Stereo išėjimai, Phono/Line perjungėjas; USB Type B jungtis - LP įrašo konvertavimui ir įrašymui skaitmeniniu PCM 48kHz/16-bit formatu; MAC/PC Compatible.
Rotation speed variation: ±1.5%; Wow and flutter: 0.2%; SN ratio: >67dB (A-weighted, 20kHz); RCA Stereo išėjimo įtampa: 155mV; Phono išėjimo įtampa: 3.5mV.
Matmenys: W450xH130xD368.
Svoris: 4.9kg.
Spalva: balta.

Įmontuotos Audio-Technica AT95E galvutės duomenys:

atkuriamų dažnių diapazonas: 20Hz-20000Hz; kanalų atskyrimas: 20dB/1kHz; kanalų ADCH netolygumas: 2.0dB; galvutės prispaudimo svoris: 1.5g-2.5g; VTA: 20°; rekomenduojama apkrovos varža: 47kom; galvutės išėjimo įtampa: 3.5mV (1kHz, 5 cm/sec); eliptinė adata; galvutės svoris: 5.7g.

Pagrindinės savybės:

A luxurious and simple design turntable with Built-in Phono amplifier, Bluetooth® wireless audio streaming with aptX® codec and USB output.

■ Authentic belt-drive turntable
The high inertia Aluminum die-cast platter is driven by a high torque DC motor with durable Neoprene® rubber which achieves a stable rotation. The high accuracy of the spindle is maintained by the polished Stainless steel Spindle and the highly durable bronze spindle holder.

■ Luxury and authentic external design
The heavy MDF cabinet which can minimize the unfavorable resonance, with its multi-layered coating and glossy finish give a sophisticated polish to a durable exterior.

■ MM type cartridge phono equalizer amplifier
Enjoy vinyl playback with any amplifier. The TN-400BT supports both phono and line output that allows you to play vinyl with or without phono equalizer.

■ Built-in Bluetooth® wireless audio streaming with aptX® codec

The TN-400BT’s Bluetooth® wireless transmission system supports the higher quality aptX® and AAC codecs, as well as the conventional SBC codec. This means that even if users don't have a hi-fi system, then can still enjoy truly high-quality vinyl replay via  Bluetooth®-equipped headphones or speakers.
Connecting the TN-400BT to Bluetooth® headphones or speakers is achieved very simply, at the touch of a button. A single-function pairing key and an associated LED indicator provide simple and clear confirmation of the connection status.

■ Built-in USB Digital Output and Analog Phono/Line Output
The TI-made A/D converter allows you to transfer music via USB to your PC and digitize your vinyl collection. You can protect your vinyl records from damage caused by playback, whilst enjoying the quality of vinyl via your digital audio player. A pair of gold-plated RCA connectors are employed for conventional way of connections with either Line or Phono input of your amplifier.

■ Corrosion resistant gold plated terminals
The Gold-plated terminals prevent oxidation of the head shell connectors. When replaced frequently the head shell also prevents oxidation of the terminal.

■ Static balanced S-shape tone arm
Static-balanced S-shape Tone-arm with Universal Head-shell ensures fast and easy setup and delivers excellent tracking .

■ 3-speed Turntable including 33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM for LP/EP record playback
The TN-400S will play LPs, EPs, and singles at 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM. When combined with the high quality analog-to-digital conversion capabilities of the TN-400S, this powerful turntable is the ideal choice for enjoying - and archiving- your favorite music.

■ audio-technica MM(VM)type phonograph cartridge AT95E
The TN-300 comes with an audio-technica ​​VM type cartridge with a reputation for highly accurate reading. As soon as you set up the TN-300, you can enjoy the high quality sound with outstanding clarity and detail.

Feature List

  • Robust high-density MDF plinth provides both vibration isolation and elegance
  • Available in a selection of contemporary matt finishes, or a natural walnut veneer
  • 3-speed belt-drive mechanism with aluminum die-cast platter (33-1/3, 45, 78 rpm)
  • Newly-developed low-resistance spindle for stable rotational speed
  • Static-balanced S-shaped tone-arm with universal-type headshell
  • Pre-installed MM-type AT95E cartridge from audio-technica
  • Built-in Phono EQ Amplifier with subsonic filter (off when THRU)
  • Built-in TI A/D Converter allows 16-bit/48kHz USB digital output for PC recording
  • High-quality Bluetooth® aptX® wireless audio transmission
  • Floating-construction using decoupled feet provides high feedback resistance
  • Machined aluminium operation knobs and feet
  • Gold-plated RCA jacks (for LINE/PHONO output) and tone-arm contacts
  • GND terminal on rear panel
  • RCA audio cable with GND wiring included
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