Quad ESL 989 Vintage, elektrostatinės garso kolonėlės

Quad ESL 989 Vintage, elektrostatinės garso kolonėlės

Gamintojas: Quad
Prekės kodas: AS0621
Įsigijimo galimybė: Klausti
Mato vnt.: pora
8000€ 4500€

Quad ESL 989 Vintage, elektrostatinės garso kolonėlės

 Unikalios konstrukcijos, 6 elektrostatinių gardelių, pilnos garso dažnių juostos garso kolonėlė. 30Hz-20kHz, 86dB, 8om nom., (13-200)W/RMS rekomenduojama stiprintuvo galia; H1335xW670xD315, svoris 25kg. Korpusas aptrauktas "Vintage" medžiaga.

The Quad ESL is fundamentally different from conventional loudspeakers and even other electrostatic designs. Whilst most conventional speakers use cone type drive units and a coil moving in a magnetic field, Quad uses the full-range electrostatic principle, first introduced in 1956. The sound is not created by a cone but by a very thin diaphragm, less than one tenth the thickness of a human hair. This ultra-low mass diaphragm is coated with a conductive material and is stretched between two fixed electrode plates. The electrodes carry a positive charge and the diaphragm carries a negative charge. The size of the charge on the electrodes rises and falls to track the waveform of the musical signal; so attracting and repelling the diaphragm closer to and further from the electrode plates. It is the movement of the almost mass-less diaphragm that creates the sound we hear.
Quad’s unique ESL system takes the performance of electrostatic loudspeakers a step further. Acousticians have long recognised that the ideal loudspeaker should be a point source from which the waves of sound radiate in a fashion rather like the ripples resulting from a pebble dropped into a lake. It is obvious that large cones and even larger electrostatic
diaphragms cannot be point sources, so how can they be made to behave more like the perfect loudspeaker? Quad solved the problem with an elegant engineering solution that was subsequently awarded a patent. Instead of a large single electrode, Quad designed a number of electrodes arranged as a series of concentric rings. Each electrode is fed with a calibrated delay line so the sound first leaves the centre of the speaker then, after a short delay, the sound leaves the next ring and so on. The delayed sounds build up into a spherical waveform identical to that produced by a theoretical point source. This innovative step brought closer the achievement of the perfect loudspeaker. The Quad ESL is a premiére music reproduction loudspeaker constructed from the finest materials with meticulous attention to detail. It reaches the pinnacle of high-fidelity performance with an unparalleled ability to sonically ‘disappear’, and create convincing three-dimensional sound stages. Instruments and vocals occupy precise, accurately sized locations in space, giving an uncanny realism to reproduced sound.

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Pagrindiniai techniniai parametrai:
Atkuriami dažniai: 30Hz - 20kHz
Skiriamieji dažniai:
Impedansas: 8 Ohm
Jautrumas (1W/1m.): 86dB
Rekomenduojama stiprintuvo galia: 13 - 200 W RMS
Kiti parametrai:
Pagrindinės savybės:
Dažnių juostų skaičius: 1
Kitos savybės:
Garsiakalbių tipai:
Aukštų dažnių:
Vidutinių dažnių:
Vidutinių - žemų dažnių:
Žemų dažnių:
Plačiajuostis: 6 elektrostatinių gardelių garso kolonėlė.
Konstrukcija, išorė:
Svoris: 25kg
Matmenys (WxHxD): H1335xW670xD315
Spalva: "Vintage"
Korpuso apdaila: Korpusas aptrauktas "Vintage" medžiaga.