Cabasse Alderney MT32 Glossy Black, garso kolonėlės

Gamintojas: Cabasse
Prekės kodas: N10722
Įsigijimo galimybė: Išankstinis užsakymas
Mato vnt.: pora

Cabasse Alderney MT32 Glossy Black, garso kolonėlės

Trijų juostų garso kolonėlės su Down-firing 360° vertical port'u.
Ž.d. garsiakalbis: tipas 17TN15, 2x17cm P2C membrana; v.d. garsiakalbis: tipas 13TN15, 13cm P2C membrana; a.d. garsiakalbis: tipas DOM37, 37mm Kaladex membrana.
Pagrindiniai parametrai:
pralaidumo juosta: 46Hz-23kHz; jautrumas (1W/1m.): 90dB; nominali/minimali varža: 8/3.5om; rekomenduojama stiprintuvo galia 110Wnom./770WPeak.
Nauji HDSE (Homogeneous Distribution of Sonic Energy) skiriamieji filtrai.
Matmenys: H1086xW250xD350; Svoris: 21kg; Spalva: lakuota juoda su juodom grotelėm.

3-way / 4 Drivers
The DOM 37 tweeter, common to the entire MT32 range, is teamed with a 13cm (5.1”) midrange and two 17cm (6.7”) woofers. The driver’s diaphragm, created for the latest version of the 3-way co-axial fitted to the flagships La Sphère and L’Océan is outstanding: extreme thermal and mechanical resistance, remarkable damping capacity and
overall stability of performance over time. The 3-way design brings extra transparency and definition in the upper half of the sound spectrum. It concentrates the performances of the two woofers on 4 octaves instead of 6, generally bringing a greater sensitivity and an improved maximum power.

Midrange-tweeter DOM37.
The driver’s diaphragm was created by Cabasse for the latest version of the 3-way co-axial TC23,which is fitted on the firm’s flagships La Sphere and L’Ocean. Cabasse’s industrial expertise enabled the creation  of a one piece  diaphragm/surround unit of only 0.1g. The lightness, the thermal and mechanical resistance of this unit manufactured in Brittany significantly improve the overall performance of this driver and guarantee stability over time. Thanks to the unique properties of this diaphragm,in association with the powerful magnet and a specific horn profile, the DOM 37 is able to reproduce the high-mid bandwidth with a linearity rarely reached by traditional 2-way systems. In combination with perfectly complementary woofers, the DOM37 creates a homogeneous dispersion, very close to that of the Cabasse co-axial solutions.

Down-firing 360° vertical port.
Cabasse engineers have improved the low frequencies of the tower models by using the technical solutions initially developed for the Altura MC range. The horizontal vent has been replaced by a vertical one, down-firing in 360°. Vent noises are filtered, the  standing wave phenomenon inside the cabinets is damped  and low-frequency reproduction is deeper and cleaner.

New HDSE Cross-overs (Homogeneous Distribution of Sonic Energy).
This new range benefits from the progress in theoretical and technical knowledge made during the research program around l’Océan, namely the analysis of speakers’ behavior in various rooms and the specifying  of objective criteria for sound coherency at the listening positions. These enabled the development of finely adjusted HDSE cross-overs which guarantee  conformity to the Cabasse Spatial Coherent System  (SCS) principles. Long listening sessions with different  sources (including Stream Source for digitalised music up to 96kHz) led to the acoustical fine tuning of each model.

New finishes.
The walnut finish is both in direct continuity with the brand’s traditional values and very fashionable in furnishing trends. The ebony finish is a rich, deep black of many shades, and a  symbol of precious rarity and subtle combination of nuances.

The new MT 32 range is perfectly faithful to the Cabasse principles of coherency between direct and reflected sounds, respect of timber and dynamic range, deep and stable soundstage, musicality and live-sound. Be it the radio, internet, high definition audio files on the network, multichannel tracks on the home cinema, all formats have been taken into account in order to offer, each and every time, musicality, precision and realism. Whatever the preferred source today and in the future, MT32 speakers will bring out the best in it.