Inakustik Referenz NF-803 0.75m., stereo RCA kabelis

Gamintojas: Inakustik
Prekės kodas: N10232
Įsigijimo galimybė: Išankstinis užsakymas
Mato vnt.: vnt.

Reference lygio kabelis. Kieta dviguba simetrinė koaksialinė konstrukcija. Atskirai lakuoti, standžiai suvyti monogysliniai bedeguonio vario centriniai laidininkai, su putų polietileno (DUO-PE II) izoliacija; putų polietilenu užpildyti kieto polietileno konstrukciniai vamzeliai; aukštos kokybės metaliniai RCA antgaliai (gali būti su XLR antgaliais).

The audio cable NF-803 from the in-akustik Referenz series convinces with outstanding clarity, precision and accuracy. Two high speed signal conductors provide the signal transport. At the same time, the DUO-PE II insulation and the air-filled PE tubes reduce unwanted capacitance and enable the signal source to work “comfortably”. The PE-Network Jacket also prevents micro-vibrations. Another highlight are the Referenz GAP II RCA plugs which take the symmetrical design of this connection to the limit.

High Speed signal conductor
Symmetrical design
Braided shielding
DUO-PE II Insulation
PE-Network Jacket
2-fold PE-Tube Insulation
  Cable diameter: 6.0 mm
  Fitted with XLR plugs or the Referenz GAP II RCA Plugs
  Special assemblies on request
The NF-803 has fine stranded signal wires, with each individual wire having a lacquer coating. This coating insulates the wires from each other which creates a larger effective conductor surface. It also prevents eddy currents between the wires. A conductor that can also transmit extremely dynamic signal sequences very quickly and precisely.