Hegel H95, stereo stiprintuvas su DAC

Hegel H95, stereo stiprintuvas su DAC

Gamintojas: Hegel
Prekės kodas: A301
Įsigijimo galimybė: Yra parduotuvėje
Mato vnt.: vnt.
1800€ 1350€

Hegel H95, stereo stiprintuvas su DAC


Galia: 2 x 60WRMS/ 8om.;
Minimali apkrovos varža: 2om.;
Analoginiai įėjimai: 2 x RCA;
Skaitmeniniai įėjimai: 1 x coaxial RCA, 3 x optical S/PDIF, 1 x USB, 1 x Network;
Linijinis išėjimas su garso lygio reguliavimu: 1 x RCA;
Ausinių išėjimas: 6.3 mm Jack (Front);
Atkuriamų dažnių diapazonas: 5Hz-100kHz;
Santykis signalas-triukšmas: >100dB;
Stereo kanalų atskyrimas: <-100dB;
THD <0.01% @ 25W/8om./1kHz;
Intermoduliaciniai iškraipymai: <0.01% (19kHz + 20kHz);
Damping faktorius: >2000;
Matmenys: W430xH100xD310 mm.;
Svoris: 10 kg.
Spalva: juoda;

Hegel stiprintuvo garso valdymas TV pulteliu

The H95 is indeed an intelligent purchase. It is not just an amplifier, but also a complete streaming solution with both AirPlay and UPnP streaming. It fully caters to the modern digital streaming generation. H95 has built-in Spotify Connect for instantaneous and incredibly responsive music playback.

But what is intelligent today is not necessarily intelligent tomorrow. At Hegel we want our products to last as long as possible. That means they need to be able to change with time. Therefore, the H95's built-in software is upgradeable over the air, ensuring that improved functionalities and new features are delivered directly to your amplifier, with no hassle, and cost free.

While connectivity and upgradability are important, it is on the inside where the H95 really showcases its intelligence. Today most media going to your amp is digital. That is why we have equipped the H95 with a Digital-to-analog converter of the highest quality - making the change from digital to analog in a very intelligent way. With technology crafted from the ground up and in-house by the Hegel team, we take full control of the digital data stream. And using design developed to equip our absolute reference products, we make sure digital music is delivered in its purest form. The result for you is blissfully natural sound, without any added artifacts, enabling you to just play louder.

Add to this our patented SoundEngine2 technology and you really get something spectacular. The technology reduces signal distortion to levels almost immeasurable and makes certain you totally immerse yourself in your music or your movies. Our SoundEngine2 technology also applies astonishing bass control and grip on your loudspeakers. H95's grip, in technical terms 'damping factor', is up to 20 times higher than the industry average. This delivers a dynamic, agile, and powerful bass response, and is why 60 watts of output power is more than enough to drive challenging speakers with confidence.

The H95 is not only designed to change with time, but also with your needs. All inputs are configurable to be fixed level inputs, allowing you to easily integrate the H95 in a Home Theater or existing Multi Room system. There is also a high-quality headphone output, a variable pre output for connecting a subwoofer or other equipment, and a sleek informative OLED display. This makes it a perfect central 'engine' to your system. There is no need to worry about future add-ons. Changing up to Hegel's cool design and signature sound quality, with a host of inputs and playback possibilities, will allow you to build an amazing multi-talented system. That is intelligence.

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