Luxman L-505uX II, stereo stiprintuvas

Luxman L-505uX II, stereo stiprintuvas

Gamintojas: Luxman
Prekės kodas: A0273
Įsigijimo galimybė: Yra parduotuvėje
Mato vnt.: vnt.
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Luxman L-505uX II, stereo stiprintuvas

Aukščiausios klasės, klasikinis Class AB Push-Pull stereo stiprintuvas, kuriame realizuoti geriausi Luxman (nuo 1925m.) Old-School ir New-School inžinieriniai sprendimai.
Luxman L-505uX II yra atnaujinta L-505uX stiprintuvo versija. L-505uX II gavo dar tikslesnį LECUA1000 garso reguliatorių ir naują neigiamo grįžtamo ryšio schemos versiją - ODNF 4.0.
2X150WRMS/4om arba 2x100WRMS/8om. MM/MC Phono, 4x Stereo RCA linijiniai, 1x Stereo XLR balansinis ir Main-In įėjimai; Rec-Out, Monitor Out, Pre-Out ir aukštos klasės ausinių stiprintuvo 6.3 mm Jack lizdas.
Dual Mono topologija, maksimaliai trumpas signalo kelias, OFC vidiniai kabeliai, relinė įėjimų komutacija (Takamisawa relės), procesoriaus valdomas originalus LECUA1000 pasyvinis varžinis garso reguliatorius su rankiniu būdu atrinktom varžom, patentuota Luxman ODNF 4.0 neigiamo grįžtamo ryšio schema; Shottky diodai ir 4x 10000mkF kondensatoriai maitinimo grandinėje, Sudvigubinti Toshiba bipoliariniai galios tranzistoriai, sudvigubintos išėjimo relės, galingas 570VA EI tipo transformatorius.
Loudness, Bass, Treble, Subsonic filtras, Line stright ir Mono režimai, A/B System (A+B output).
Rodykliniai stereo kanalų signalo lygio indikatoriai, 8mm aliuminio priekinė panelė, distancinio valdymo pultelis aliuminio korpuse.
Svoris 22.5kg. Spalva: sidabrinė.
Made In Japan.

Išsami L-505uX apžvalga

Luxman L-505uX II Integrated Amplifier:

ODNF Version 4.0 - Innovative amplification feedback circuit

An integral part of the design of the L-505uXII is LUXMAN's original ODNF amplification feedback circuit featuring a high-speed primary slew rate, an ultra-wide bandwidth and a low level of distortion that is achieved by feeding back only the distorted components of the audio from the amplifier's output circuit. The L-505uXII is equipped with the latest Version 4.0 ODNF circuit, resulting in a dramatically enhanced accuracy in distortion detection due to the paralleled first stage and Darlington equipped second stage amplification circuit, as well as a paralleled first stage error detection circuit. With it's lower impedance and higher S/N ratio, the L-505uXII realizes accurate reproduction of even the gentlest audio signals and achieves a full range of dynamic musical expression. The output stage, with it's parallel push-pull structure, has secured sufficient power at 100W+100W(8Ω) and 150W+150W(4Ω).

Highly accurate LECUA computerized attenuator

LECUA (Luxman Electronically Controlled Ultimate Attenuator) is at the heart of the pre-amplifier section and the sound volume adjustment function of the L-505uXII. The L-505uXII design also uses a solid state(IC) type circuit to achieve a significant reduction in size. LECUA provides an ideal level control mechanism that allows smooth and fine volume adjustment over 88 steps, thereby minimizing any deterioration of the audio signal. In addition, left and right balance adjustment is integrated into the attenuator's control functions. The multifunctional ability of LECUA ensures accuracy over the full range of the volume control, whilst suppressing any deterioration of sound quality. The volume may also be adjusted with the remote control, but when adjusting the volume manually, the tactile design and gradual motion of the control itself enables intuitive adjustment of the attenuation level.

Discrete buffer circuit

The L-505uXII features a new discrete buffer circuit in the output stage of the pre-amplifier circuit that is equivalent to the type used in our high-end C-900u separate amplifier. The pre-amp output stage is able to drive the signal with enhanced current supply capacity. The clarity of the audio signal is protected, whilst at the same time, the driving force fed through to the power amplifier stage is significantly increased. The power and reproduction capability of the L-505uXII achieves overwhelming scale sensitivity and a sharpness on start-up that cannot be achieved by conventional pre-amplifiers.

High stability power supply

The power supply of the L-505uXII consists of an EI core type power transformer, highly regulated, with four large capacity 10,000μF blocking capacitors creating a highly stable power supply. This ensures an instantaneous, constant and stable current supply.

Low impedance transmission

Large-capacity, low resistance speaker relays are connected in parallel to enable lossless transmission for the powerful driving force that is generated by the large-scale output circuit. In addition, the damping factor has been improved from 180 to 210 by lowering the impedance of the wiring pattern.

Original technologies prioritize sound quality

To realize a smooth, stress free signal transmission LUXMAN use an original Beeline construction that features a non-angled wiring pattern to allow smooth signal transmission along the shortest optimal route. This is one of many examples of a LUXMAN original design that makes sound quality a priority.

A wide variety of custom-made components for high sound qualitycomponents for high sound quality

OFC cabling is used in the internal wiring of the L-505uXII, achieving natural signal transmission due to the spirally wrapped shielding on each non-plated wire core. A high quality input selector IC is employed to improve separation and eliminate crosstalk. This model is generously equipped with many custom-made parts designed to achieve high sound quality such as in-line layout speaker terminals for easier speaker cable connection.

An abundance of user-friendly functions

The L-505uXII is equipped with a high quality phono pre-amplifier that is compatible with MM and MC cartridges supporting full analog reproduction. This model offers all the functions that a high quality pre-main amplifier should offer such as bass/treble tone control, L/R balance adjustment using LECUA, pre/power separation function, volume function and headphone output to name a few.

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